I hope one of these days the hospital can call me to be an interpreter for such a happy event as a birth

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What were you doing on Wednesday 2nd April 2008?  Or how about Sunday 16th December 2012?  I can tell you exactly what I was doing … Maybe these pictures will help?

 phoebe Phoebe was born just before 8pm in April

peter Peter was born just before 2am in December

So yes, I was at the Birmingham Women’s Hospital watching both of my kids being born.  A fantastic experience and ones I will never forget in a very long time.  But could they have been better?  Could they have been improved?

Well, for most people I guess you would say, “well no, how can you improve on the birth of your kids?”  They were both natural births, no c sections which is good but both of the births were very different.

When Phoebe was born, I remember we went in about 9am and because waters had broken, we were kept in –…

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