Thank you for sharing. I am Hearing, trying to learn ASL and our struggle is the same. I love ASL but the grammar is difficult for me.

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Hello to u all! Perhaps you have browsed or read some of my articles lately. This could be your first time to read this! You might find some or more errors in grammar I try to say something. You might think I must come from some foreign country. Actually, this is my second language of English. My primary language is American Sign Language. I find this challenge for me to make it become one so everybody could understand me.

ASL expresses a word with a facial, hands and body language. Many deaf people never learn or know a word to be meant once they expressed the sign of a word.  It summarizes the sentence short instead exaggerating the full sentence. For an instance, most of times, when I want saying something in ASL like “me want go store.” or “me go eat restaurant” but to add the facial expression too…

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