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Seeking Life Squared

Communication is one of the greatest tools in an evangelists’ arsenal. Language barriers, if not a brick wall, are at the very least a curtain that makes communication difficult. Whether you are trying to share the Gospel, teach a new skill, or just connect, knowing another language can open doors.

So here at Seeking Life Squared, we have Foreign Language Friday. Every Friday I will post a vocabulary word or language study from one of the languages I am learning. Currently I am working on Spanish, American Sign Language, and Hebrew.

Drumroll please…

So without further delay, here is today’s piece of info-

Bill Vicars is a great ASL teacher and I highly recommend his material. You can access more materials at his website, ASLU, at Lifeprint.com.

Why learn Sign Language?

American Sign Language is the primarily used sign language used in America and is popular all over the world. And…

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