After looking into Hawkeye I could not hep but find other marvel members with hearing issues. Here is what I found:

Hawkeye: 1988 talk about him being deaf and then in the 1990s it stops. Matt Fraction in 2012 started Hawkeye. Issue 19 has had great reviews from members of the deaf community.

Echo: comes from the Earth-616 universe. She was Born Deaf and was seen working with many superheros. Examples: Captain America, Avengers, Daredevil and a few others. To read a little about Echo click here

Blue Ear: A Hero made for a young boy who did not want to wear his hearing aid. The story behind this character is really great, but sadly there is no comic/ story to follow. To read about Blue Ear click here

The more I read about these Heroes the more I am expecting, but the sad truth is there stores end with out really beginning. This is of course with the exception of Echo but I do not view Echo as some one I would give to my 10 year old to read about and look up to.

Clint Nowicke put it this way

“The reason I am upset is because finally there’s going to be a superhero (a deaf Hawkeye) that I can look up to who is not perfect, and has the same imperfections as I do.  Of my family, I’m the only one who wears hearing aids.  I’m the middle child between my older brother and younger sister.  I can hear enough to talk to someone, but not enough to have a conversation that doesn’t end in frustration most of the time.” “So where are the fictional superheroes that tell me it’s okay to be deaf?”